Storage Lockers

In San Francisco

Golden Bay Relocation LLC has done part of your homework to make your move and transition easier.

We have compiled a list of many self storage facilities in the city of San Francisco.

The list contains the facility name, address with cross-street, telephone number, and the different levels or stories they offer. For ease of loading and unloading, a storage locker on a single or ground level is the most desirable. And because of this time savings you will spend less on your moving costs.

Therefore if any storage lockers on the following list state a 2L or 3L (two or three floors) an elevator is involved. If it’s a busy day and many people are utilizing the elevator, the move will be slower and cost you more money. Save big bucks on storage rental by doing some research.

Do You Need to Move Your Belongings to a Storage Facility?

  • No Problem! We offer affordable services when transporting your items to and from our local storage facility! We offer clean and temperature controlled storage facilities. The first two weeks of storage are complementary and there after you will be charged based on our monthly rates.

The Right Tools For The Job

  • Our Moving Trucks are low to the ground and easy to maneuver into storage units and driveways, making for a quick loading in and un-loading process which saves you money!

We Help You Find The Best Deal

  • Once we inventory all your boxes and furnishings, we accurately determine the right storage unit size for you, preventing you from losing hundreds of dollars on unnecessary storage space.

Your Items Will Be Storage Ready

  • We are trusted local professionals. Experts at preparing your furniture items with short and long term storage protection with free plastic wrapping. We offer additional paper padding for higher value items upon request (@ $2 per sheet).

Let us help Save You Time & Money!

  • With years of experience as professional movers, we are experts at maximizing every cubic foot of space.
  •  We help you maximize your storage space, helping you avoid additional labor costs!
  • We offer free floor protection to keep your property safe during the move!
    Fully licensed and insured with up to $1,000,000 in property insurance.

Special Notes

  • Our rates are competitive since we compared our rates with all local storage facilities.
  • All you need to do is provide a credit/debit card number, which we will charge every 30 days.
  • When accommodating furnishings each piece will be protected with insulated brown paper padding and shrink wrap ($2.00 per sheet of brown paper) for added protection.
  • Our storage facilities are designed for short and long term storage. We are a “storage in transit” facility. Regular public access is not available. This is in accordance with the P.U.C. storage in transit regulations.
  • If you find you must retrieve an item of importance, we require 72 hour notice.
  • A minimum charge of $98/hour will be applied with $98 per hour thereafter for a two-man crew.
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