We are proud to say that during these 20+ in business we managed to master all kinds of moving services. When it comes to storage moves, we divide them in 2 types:

1) Moving In a Storage

2) Moving Out of a Storage

When it comes to the first one, moving In a Storage, there are a couple of things you need to be aware of. Firstly, do not put any flammables or valuables inside a storage locker for a long part, or if possible, at all. Secondly, make sure you are choosing a climate controlled storage if there are items that need special care. Thirdly, we can make sure that your items are protected with plastic wrap and you can purchase blankets if you wish additional protection.

In addition, we will stack your items properly so as to utilize the space given in the storage locker to the maximum. Also, if you wish we can pack your smaller items beforehand and disassemble furniture as well.

Now, when it comes to Moving Out of a Storage, things are a bit more simple. If you had a local professional movers to move you in the storage unit, items are protected properly and stacked in a manner that it is easy for us to move them out.

We will bring dollies and make sure to safely remove your items from the storage. At your delivery location, we will make sure to position furniture to your preference in no time.

Our team of movers will handle your belongings safely no matter if you are moving in or out of a storage unit. No matter if you decide to use our storage unit or to get one by yourself, the hourly rate that we offer is affordable and there are no hidden fees. It is very important to have a professional moving team on your side and Golden Bay Relocation is definitely the right choice!

To find out more about our storage units, check out that section.