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Scenery that will take your breath away – Sausalito!

A brink north of the Golden Gate Bridge, a steep hillside covered in chaparral and eucalyptus drops from Highway 101 to a flat shoreline – This is the Sausalito that people coming from San Francisco know. Sausalito can be reached by simply walking or biking or even coming by the ferry. The skyline and the scenery from the across the bay capture anyone’s hearts.


Read more about Sausalito history!

Long ago Sausalito was where art intersected with industry. Here people made things with their hands, even Liberty merchant ships or the ceramic pottery and tiles that Edith Heath turned into a modern icon and that now can be found on the tables in the Bay Area.

First inhabited by the Coast Miwok people, due to the water it was never a land worth risking fleats over. Not even for Spanish invaders who called it Sauzelito after a grove of willows. Some claim that its name comes from the district from Chile where bandit Joaquin Murrieta was born and later came to these lands. However, it is more probable that spanish invaders pinpointed the name of the town.

Once war came, the city was mainly involved in building ships which by the 60s were completely turned around. The whole community changed. Maybe it was a wave of revolution coming from San Francisco, but it became more liberal and artistic. Houseboats became popular and nowadays the Floating Homes Association runs, every September, a sell-out houseboat tour. It is a picturesque and charming residential community.


Sausalito nowadays – magical city!

The city is adjacent to and bounded by the protected spaces of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area.

In 2010, there were 7 thousand inhabitants in the city according to the census.

The median income for a household in the city was $87,469 while the income for a family was $123,467.The per capita income was $81,040. However, staggering results come when you think about the fact that 2% of families and 5.1% of population were below the poverty line. Having this in mind, many go across the Golden Gate bridge daily to provide for their families.

From the Sausalito;s waterfront, you can see Alcatraz, the Bay Bridge and San Francisco’s skyline. Getting to Sausalito is worth the trip, too, whether you take the ferry or drive across the Golden Gate Bridge. While views of San Francisco are stunning, Sausalito has its own magic. Sausalito is filled with restaurants, art galleries, and scenic walkways. It is a charming town, reminiscent of Mediterranean villages. For some, it is a perfect place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.


There’s a club for everyone in Sausalito!

Some of the service organizations in the Sausalito are Lions Club, Rotary Club. Sausalito Yacht club, Sausalito Woman’s club, Sausalito Historical Society and many more.

So no matter if you are moving here for business or with a family you will quickly fall in love with the scenery and serenity of the city.


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