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Explore San Rafael and its history 

This gorgeous city of the Saint Raphael, Archangel of Healing, in Spanish, is the county seat of Marin County, CA. According to data from 2010 San Rafael has a population of 57 thousand.

What we now know as San Rafael, it used to be a site of some Coast Miwok villages. It was only in the 19th century when the town got its name. In the 1880s The San Francisco and North Pacific Railroad reached San Rafael and it became a part of the national rail network.

The proximity to San Francisco and Silicon Valley brings lots of jobs . Some of the most prominent companies that have their headquarters here are BioMarin, Westamerica Bank, Autodesk and many more.

One name spiked up the San Rafael’s entertainment scene. Arrival of George Lucas in the 70s and his Lucasfilm production that is known for blockbuster iconic movies Star Wars, Indiana Jones and many many more. Due to the presence of LucasFilm, the city became a gathering spot for video producers and game developers, with numerous major studios located in the city.

In addition, the new-age music program Hearts of Space has had their headquarters here since 2004.


Pop Culture in San Rafael nowadays

On the other hand, San Rafael has become a part of our popular culture. Namely, the term ‘420’ when used in reference to the consumption of cannabis came from San Rafael or to be more specific at San Rafael High School.

This term is now used across the United States of America and across the world as well.


Business runs this city! 

When it comes to the San Rafael’s workforce there are both white-collar and blue-collar workers. Neither is more dominant.

It has a mixed workforce. So here you can find both service providers and managers. There are a lot of people from San Rafael who are working in maintenance, sales and management.

On the other hand, there are 90% more artists, designers, media managers here than in the rest of the United States. They are shaping the city’s culture, architecture and economy. With above 50% of adults having a degree or higher education, San Rafael is a mecca for aspiring artists and entrepreneurs.

There are a lot of single, young professionals. San Rafael has ranked as one of the best cities to live in for a young professional. Usually, most locals commute by using the public transport while less use their own transportation.


Cost of living in San Rafael

When it comes to the median home value in San Rafael we are talking about $1,100,000. There is a trend of increases of %1.6 over the last few years. The median list price per square foot is $499. When it comes to renting, we are looking at $3k per month. The per capita income in 2010 was $53,559 with gradual increase. The fact that San Rafael is in such vicinity of San Francisco makes the property a lot more expensive and at times very good for investments.


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