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Hidden gem of Bay Area! 

San Mateo is a city in San Mateo County CA, squeezed in between San Francisco and San Jose. Its name is spanish for Saint Matthew. According to 2018s consensus San Mateo has a population of 105,025. It is known for its rich history and hot weather. One of the biggest contributors when it comes to the economy is the Medical Center, and Sony Interactive Entertainment division.

It is one of the most developed suburban downtowns in the San Francisco Bay area. The downtown is a vibrant melting pot of culture and nations. It contains over 800 restaurants, cafes and shops. Some of them are from the late 19th and early 20th century. Since its culture has always been highly influenced by Japanese community and culture there is a plethora of Japanese shops and restaurants in the downtown.


What to do in San Mateo

In addition, in order to promote San Mateo’s downtown, the non profit Downtown San Mateo association gave a large modern 12-screen movie theater complex, which is now one of the main entertainment points in the entire city.

Also, Central Park is one of the signatures of San Mateo. It contains tennis courts, playgrounds, recreation center, picnic areas, miniature train, baseball field, and even a Japanese Tea Garden. It is one of the must sightseeing activities to check when you are in the city and it is one of the locals favorite places in the city. 

When it comes to the art culture, San Mateo is brimming with it. The San Mateo Performing Arts Center is located on the campus of San Mateo High School. It is one of the largest theaters on the peninsula outside of San Francisco. As previously mentioned, Japanese culture is really strong in the town so it is no wonder that the city has a sister city of Toyonka in Japan which was commemorated by the Japanese Tea Garden in the Central Park.

The town is full of cultural Easter eggs. One of the most memorable works is a colored mosaic mural designed by Louis Macouillard that is located in front of a mid-century modern bank and tells the story of the founder of the bank of Italy.


Finding a job and cost of living – the main things to know before moving somewhere

When it comes to the San Mateo’s economy, it is very diverse. You can find many jobs in the technology sector, fininence, government, health care, retail, management and so on. One of the most prominent companies who have their headquarters here are Franklin Templeton Investments, SolarCity, Sony, GoPro, NetSuite, Roblox Co, Fisher investments and many many more. Having this in mind, San Mateo housing is one of the most expensive in California as well as across the country. Most people rent homes since the median San Mateo home value in 2018 was astonishing $1463900. Even if you chose to rent, you will need a pretty penny to pay. Monthly rent will go around $2242 for an average home.


Moving to San Mateo

So no matter if you wish to move here due to business or you are simply in need of a fresh start, San Mateo can give you plenty.

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