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Palo Alto is located in the northwestern part of Santa Clara County in California with a population of 64,403..
City’s name derives from the words tall stick from Spanish. The city is named after El Palo Alto which is a coastal redwood tree.
Leland Stanford Sr. established the city when he founded Stanford University. If that by itself does not draw you to at least visit the town maybe the proximity to Silicon Valley will.
Palo Alto is one of the most expensive cities in the United States and its residents are known to be the among the highest educated in the country.

It is among the hearts of Silicon Valley and in the city HQs of HP, Space Systems, Tesla, Skype, Apple, Google, Logitech, Pinterest, PayPal and many more.
A staggering 96.95% of the workforce in Palo Alto is employed in white-collar jobs.
Some of the jobs are in the sphere of management, tech, business, finance, sales but in addition there are a lot of opportunities for careers in science.When it comes to the per capita income, in 2010 it was at $89205 which is definitely on a higher end.

In addition, Palo Alto has quite a number of natural habitats such as estuarine, oak forest, riparian. Almost all of them can be seen in Foothills Park.
The Charleston Slough however, has an extensive marsh and littoral zone that serve as feeding areas for shorebirds and estuarine wildlife. This small piece of land represents a perfect getaway from the city’s rush. You can stroll and wind down after all of the hussle from the day.

Palo Alto became a symbol of sustainability and innovation too.
It has a 100 percent carbon free electricity at 25 percent below the cost of PG&E. The city has a city run and owned utility, City of Palo Alto Utilities (CPAU), which provides water, electric, gas service, and waste water disposal within city limits.
Also, the city operates its own electric power distribution network and cable network. Interconnection points tie the city into PG&E’s electric transmission system, which brings power from several sources to the city. This makes it quite impressive considering the giants that are situated here in the city.

When it comes to schooling, there is an excellent choice of public schools. The Palo Alto Unified School District is in charge of most of education for the majority of Palo Alto residents. Palo Alto students attend one of two high schools, Gunn High School or Palo Alto High School. There are 3 middle schools too.
So no matter if you wish to move here due to the schooling, work or you simply need a fresh start, Palo Alto has it all. In order to move properly, you need to ensure that all of your belongings are taken care of properly. And who is better to do that, than a company that has been around for over 2 decades?
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