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Mill Valley

One of the most charming cities in the San Francisco area. It is a city in Marin County, Ca with the population of 13,903 from the data from 2010. Mill Valley is located on the shores of Richardson Bat and slopes of Mount Tamalpais. It usually reminds people of charming european villages since it is secluded and surrounded by national park, ancient redwood forest, hills and canyons. What a small piece of paradise for everyone who loves hiking, mountain biking and of course running.

Besides the scenery locals love gathering at Lytton Square.
In addition, it is quite a cultural hub with The Mill Valley Film Festival that is held annually for the last 4 decades. It is an internationally recognized film festival that brings famous filmmakers and fans.

In addition, we recommend going to Mill Valley when The Mountain Play takes place.
It is produced in June in an amazing outdoor amphitheater and attracts thousands of visitors who get the chance to enjoy Broadway musicals performed by talented local actors.

When it comes to the price of living here, homes are well-above national average.
This is also one of the white-collar dominant cities with a lot of people working in management occupations (24.4%), sales and business (28%).

Mill Valley is also a home to educated, urban foodies who regularly enjoy opera, symphonies, ballet, museums, libraries and outdoor Broadway shows.
It is also a family-oriented town. There are a lot of good public schools in the area as well as numeros public free events specialized for children. Also, the overall crime rate here is lower than average in the USA.

One thing to consider is the fact that the average commute is quite long, about 33 minutes. However, there is good public transportation so you can avoid losing 30+ minutes daily on the commute.
When it comes to the income per capita it is said to be $110,800 which is definitely on the higher end even for California.
Even though the most commonly spoken language in Mill Valley is English, there are many residents speaking Polisha and Spanish.

So if you are planning to move here, we recommend using a local company that can do it all for you. We provide packing service as well as full moving ones.
Starting from the smallest items you have to the big and chunky ones. We will do it all.
All you need to do is open the door for us and we will help you with everything. In all of our prices tax is included and since we value transparency there are no hidden charges or fees.

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