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One of the medium sized coastal cities in Cali with a population of $35k. It is a city on the easter edge of San Mateo County in the SF bay of California. It is sandwiched by San Francisco Bay, East Palo Alto, Palo Alto and Stanford, Redwood City and North Fair Oaks.

It fits into the group of expensive cities in the Cali, but not only in California, but also in the States.
When it comes to the ethnical diversity, Menlo Park is extremely ethnically-diverse. There is a large population of caucans, Asians and Hispanic population.
People of Hispanic origin account for 16% of the city’s residents.
These numbers are no wonder since 26% residents of Menlo Park were born in other countries. Most common languages spoken are English, Spanish and Chinese.

It also goes under the group of dominantly white-collar workers with 93% of adults working in management, sales, business, finance and tech.
This is no wonder- since as of 2012 Facebook announced to be the biggest employer in Menlo Park with 6,600 employees.
So it comes at no surprise that there are many young people moving here to be as close as possible to the opportunity to work at Facebook.
Also, Menlo Park has more people who work in maths and computers by 95%.
The city is also home to the corporate HQs of Facebook, and a place where Round Table Pizza and Google were founded.

When it comes to public transport – for such a small city it is widely used. Most people use the train for their daily commute. This brings some great news for Menlo Park such as reduced air pollution and congestion on highways.
When it comes to the per capita income in Menlo park it was at $81k in 2010.
However, pricing for all housing units is over $1 million and when it comes to renting you are looking at $2,417.

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