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About Larkspur

It is one of the coastal cities located in Cali, with a population of 12,328 and three surrounding neighbourhoods. Similar to Corte Madera, this city is a bit on the expensive side.

Larkspur home prices are among the most expensive in America. Owning a house will cost you a pretty penny. One other similarity with Corte Madera is the fact that LArkspur is also a dominantly white-collar city with a mesmerizing 93, 47% of the workforce employed in white-collar jobs. Yet again, well above the national average.

Let’s talk about numbers!

Another statistics that captures one’s eye is this:

-18.77% of people who live inLarkspur work in management

-11.86% work in financial and business industry

-10.56% of residence are salesforce

One other thing to consider if you are planning to move to Larkspur is the fact that traffic is not the best. Usually you will wait for 30 minutes or more. This is the reason why most people use public transportation. Some even use ferryboats for their commute to surrounding cities.

Since this is one of the most expensive and lavish cities, it is no wonder that there are many highly-educated people living here. More than 70% of adults have a college degree, MD, master degree, law degree and PhDs.

This is an astonishing result considering that the national average is 21.84% for all cities and towns. When it comes to the per capita income, we are looking at $78,999 which is quite above average, even for California.

Another interesting thing is that Larkspur is quite diverse when it comes to ethnicity. Even though there are many caucasians, there are bountiful Asians and multiple other ethnicities that enrich the city. Most ancestries of people born in Larkspur are German, English, Polish, Italian. So it is no wonder that besides English, Spanish and French are one of the most popular languages spoken.

This city has a high percentage of people that were born in other countries – 17.8%. Living in Larkspur represents a mix between urban and suburban. There are a lot of restaurants, parks, coffee shops, good public schools and libraries.

Bear in mind if you are planning to move locally here, most of the residents rent their homes. With a median rent of $2053 people choose to rent homes instead of purchasing them. Owning a home here will cost you a lot of money. Median house value is $1,264,800.

Why are people moving to Larkspur? 

So that is something to definitely consider if you are planning to relocate.

However, if you want to get the best from both worlds both quiet and a bit of fuss, this is a place for you. Larkspur built its reputation as a mecca for a peaceful escape which granted him the nickname ‘The Great Sanatorium’. However, today it draws people for other reasons. From softball, cricket leagues, outdoor movies. Picnic getaways – there is a small piece of paradise of everyone.

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