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Located just 3.25 miles south of San Rafael, Corte Madera is one of the most expensive and lavish neighborhoods in America.

It is a small coastal town with a population of 9,802 people and it is the 422nd largest community in California. In Spanish, corte madera means ‘chop wood’. This area was once famous for, well, chopping. Namely they were producing redwood tree lumber which was allegedly used in the construction of San Francisco.

One of the other things that is specific for the city is the fact that around 95% of the workforce is employed in white-collar jobs. This number is well above the national average. One might say that Corte Madera is a melting pot of managers, sales, office workers and other professionals.

However, Corte Madera has another side as well. An artistic and soul side. There are more artists, designs, media managers here than in 90% of communities in America. This helped shape Corte Madera’s character and gave the flare to this community.

However, one interesting thing is the fact that almost 11% of people are working from home which is the highest number in the States.For example, Silicon Valley has a smaller number of people working from home.

However, if you do need to commute, prepare yourself.Average commute to work here is 35 minutes which is also above national average. Our suggestion is using public transit since it is well-spread and used in the town.

Asides from being a meca for highly educated and positioned people, Corte Madera is also nautical. That implies that parts touch the ocean or tidal bodies of water- bays and inlets. This draws a significant number of tourists, visitors and locals every year who enjoy the scenery.

Since it is one of the most educated communities in America with a staggering 67.77% of adults with a college degree or advanced degree you will be able to enjoy in public libraries.

Moving to Corte Madera or living in Corte Madera

If you are looking to move locally to Corte Madera, your monthly rent will cost you an average of $2900 while owning your home is at around 2 million.

Since living here will come with the price, have in mind that there are more well-paid jobs here too. According to data from 2010, the per capita income in Corte Madera was $76,803 which is also above average for both California and the USA.

This could amount to an annual income of $300k for the family of four. However, from free concerts in the park to the community programs and a public library, Corte Madera has it all. The Corte Madera Community Foundation is one of the most important advocates for art and culture in town that supports many programs for upcoming artists. They also provide grants to the Summer Playground Program at Town Park annually.

Finding the right movers to offer you a moving hand

So If you are planning to move here, you will not regret it. One of the things to consider is hiring a local moving company that can help you pack and move efficiently and professionally. We provide Packing Service as well as plenty other local moving services. You can have a peace of mind and be sure that your items will be handled by caring professionals that will not only disassemble and assemble furniture but also wrap and protect it with both plastic wrap and moving blankets. 

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When it comes to moving locally, there is no other choice but to use a professional moving company that will move you swiftly and efficiently. Check out our moving services for more information or give us a call and get your free moving quote.

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