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History of Burlingame 

Burlingame is one of the most prominent cities in San Mateo County, California that is located on the San Francisco Peninsula. The city has quite a spread on the shorelines of San Francisco Bay. When it comes to its name it came from a diplomat Anson Burlingame. William Davis Merry Howard was the previous owner of the land on which Burlingame is situated. He was a well-known merchant in the San Francisco area that planted many eucalyptus trees on his property. After his death the land was sold to William C.Ralston, who was a prominent banker in the 1850s who named this land Burlingame after his late friend Anson Burlingame. It experienced industrial growth in the 1960s and 1970s due to proximity to the San Francisco International Airport.


Burlingame today

According to the newest data currently Burlingame’s population is 30,500.

However when it comes to the median home value, we are looking at $1,709,500 and if you wish to rent a place an average monthly rent is $2,083.

Currently, median household income is $123,000 which is well above national average of $55,300. However expenses are on a higher end.


Why moving to Burlingame? 

It rates amazingly (11th place) among the most popular suburbs for young professionals to live in California due to its vicinity to Silicon Valley. Burlingame takes 13th place for one of the best places in California to live overall. Burlingame is famous for its treeline, with over 18,000 public trees within the city, hence it earned the name the City of Trees.

Even in early 1908 the Burlingame board of trustees passed an ordinance prohibiting cutting and destroying trees. The city is working hard on its sustainability. Burlingame’s authorities have adopted a new Climate Action Plan to cut carbon emissions and reduce waste.

The other thing they are working on is to produce 100% renewable electricity, support electric vehicles in order to reduce exhaust emissions and they are promoting recycling as a new way of life.

The city’s efforts were recognized. Namely, they’ve received the Green Business award Proterra.

Also, there are myriads of public parks across the city that will leave you in awe.

One of the famous ones is Alpine Park which is one of the neighbourhood’s favorites. It is located on the east side of Carolan Avenue and provides numerous playgrounds for children and has a small picnic area.

Secondly, for your four-legged friends we have Bayside Dog Exercise Park. All trained, non-aggressive and over 4-months-old dogs are allowed to come and play.

Located in the northwest corner of Burlingame, there is Cuernavaca Park.

It offers a spectacular view of the whole Bay. Here you can enjoy both greenery and all kinds of games, From softball to baseball, you can do it all. In addition, if you are lucky you might even witness a plane landing at the San Francisco airport.

If you are more of a tennis fan, head out to Laguna park where you can find two tennis court facilities among the children’s play area.

There are plenty more parks and playgrounds around Burlingame, so if you are thinking about moving locally, we highly recommend it.


Finding the right moving help to relocate you to Burlingame

If you are thinking about hiring movers to relocate you from one part of Burlingame to another, we can be your local movers of choice. We can offer you a premium service at an affordable price. Starting from Packing service of your smaller items, to the basic loading and unloading labor jobs, we can do it all.

We will make sure all of your belongings are properly disassembled and wrapped and protected. In our well-maintained and daily-checked trucks we make sure all of your items are transported safely to your destination. There we will assemble and reposition your furniture.

So if you are looking for the best local movers in Burlingame, Golden Bay Relocation is here for you.

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