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Are you planning to relocate and considering an option to hire professional Bay Area movers? We’re going to be completely honest with you – apart from relocating to this fantastic location, hiring professionals for assistance might be one of the best things you can do for yourself. Our experienced local movers in Bay Area always take care of their customers’ needs and requests, so they make sure you get the best possible service in a timely manner. In the following article, we’ll explain more about our services and mention important things about this interesting place.

Is the Bay Area a Good Place for Living?

This dreamy location definitely has a lot to offer, and you have plenty of options when it comes to cities and neighborhoods in this region. San Francisco is known for its amazing business opportunities, Walnut Creek is considered desirable for peaceful and family life, while San Jose is pretty affordable and close to major locations. Choose wisely, according to your preferences and possibilities, but we strongly believe that you won’t get disappointed. The distance between SF and Walnut Creek is about 25 miles, while the distance between SF and San Jose is approximately 49 miles.

How High Is the Cost of Living in One of the Most Popular Areas?

As we already mentioned, life in San Francisco is considered expensive as opposed to living in some other places within a short distance. The median home value here is about $1,200,000, and the median rent is approximately $2,200, according to BestPlaces. Housing prices around Walnut Creek get down to $800,000, which is considerably more affordable. While in SF, most of the residents rent their homes, there are more homeowners around Walnut Creek and San Jose. Although expenses are high, so are the incomes – the median household income around these places goes over $100,000, which is something to consider when making a moving expenses checklist.

Things You Should Consider Before Relocating to Bay Area

There are some important things you need to consider – weather changes frequently, so it’s recommended that you always have a jacket by your side. When it comes to traffic, it can get busy in no time, so driving your own car is recommended for suburban areas, but not so much in San Francisco. If you’re relocating with pets, you need to watch out for foxtails – a weed that grows almost everywhere and can harm your pets. Also, keep in mind that earthquakes and power outages are common around these places.

Possibilities for Outdoor Activities Are Endless

Now to the fun part – if you’re an outgoing person, who loves nature and sports, you’ll always find interesting options around here. Some of our top suggestions include:

  • Biking and hiking trails,
  • Boat rides and rentals,
  • Horseback riding on the beach,
  • Farmers markets,
  • Farms and ranches,
  • Nature centers and gardens.

You’ll fall in love with the beauty of this place and forget about the moving stress in no time.

Hire Professional Bay Area Movers and Pick One of Many Moving Services in Our Offer

Now that you know more about the best places to live in the Bay Area, you can start looking for a professional moving company in Bay Area. Golden Bay Relocation is a reliable company with a year-long experience in providing clients with the best quality services. We are very straightforward, so we can even offer you a free quote on any of our services if you want to calculate potential expenses.

Every Mover in Our Bay Area Moving Company Is Trained and Licensed

Our experienced movers in San Francisco are licensed, so you don’t need to worry about potential moving scams. You only need to provide us with details about your relocation distance, make your moving to-do list, decide what items you want to relocate, and everything else is our concern. Our team of experienced Bay Area movers can also remind you of the most commonly forgotten things to pack, tell you what items movers won’t move, and show you some helpful relocation hacks.

Local Movers in Bay Area Can Offer You Amazing Moving Services

Our company can offer you an excellent residential relocation service which is perfect if you’re looking to transport your household inventory to a new home. We move family homes of all sizes, but we also do apartment relocations, regardless of on which floor they are located. Commercial relocation service is suitable for those who want to move their business office to another location. Our experienced team of employees will ensure all of your office equipment is secured during the transportation, so there won’t be any damages.

If You Have Trouble Protecting Your Belongings You Can Get a Packing Service As Well

If you don’t know how to pack fragile items or you don’t have the time to pack books, our team of packers and movers can provide you with proper assistance. If you have trouble loading heavy items into a truck, they can even offer you labor moving service and help you move a piano or similar bulky furniture pieces. Don’t hesitate to contact us at any time if you have any questions or special requirements.

Storage Is Also an Option if You Decide to Relocate With Us

Many like to rely on storage, even when relocating locally, because this service is so convenient during those times, especially for those living in smaller apartments. That is why our Bay Area movers offer amazing storage facilities to those in need. In and out of storage moving service is perfect if you want to relocate your storage belongings from one place to another, and the best part is that we offer fair pricing and safe conditions.

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