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Golden Bay takes pride in the moving services we have provided to thousands of Bay Area residents thus far. We also pride ourselves in being slightly different from the majority of companies out there and after a successful 25 year and still running venture, we think it's time to give back and show our appreciation.

We are proud to offer a special discount to those who have decided to dedicate their working professional career in teaching and nursing.

  • Active teachers (board certified)
  • Active nurses (list below)
  • 1. Registered Nurse (RN)
  • 2. Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)
  • 3. Clinical Nurse Specialist
  • 4. Nurse Practitioner (NP)
  • 5. Nurse Case Manager
  • 6. Intensive Care Unit RN
  • 7. Travel RN
  • 8. Home Care RN
  • 9. Operating Room Nurse
  • 10. Staff Nurse
  • 11. Emergency Room RN
  • 12. Labor & Delivery RN
  • 13. Medical/Surgical RN
  • 14. Nurse Supervisor
  • 15. Oncology RN
  • 16. Critical Care RN
  • 17. Neonatal Intensive Care RN
  • 18. Dialysis RN
  • 19. Post-anesthesia Care Unit RN

This discount will be as flilow:

10% automatic discount will apply towards the labor (total hours being billed). Those qualified candidates must be:

  • Candidate being moved must be an active professional in the nursing field and must belong to the list described above 1-19. No exceptions. Teachers must also be active professionals and board certified in State of California.
  • Qualified candidates must be present during the move and must be the one signing our moving contract. Badge, I.D or Certified Diploma will be required at moment of contract signing.
  • No other discounts or offers will be applicable. Only a one time 10% discount per move applies.
  • This discount must appear in writing on the "Confirmation Email" sent prior to your move date.


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