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Need packing services? Golden Bay Relocation LLC will pack up your home for the same hourly rate as our moving rates. Packing is a key component for a successful move. It's important to note that all expensive jewelry, lap tops, artwork, or irreplaceable objects must be moved by you, as Golden Bay Relocation will not be responsible for any loss or damaged to these items.

To simplify your move, purchase the appropriate packing materials. Give yourself plenty of time and pack one room at a time. Remember, the more you pack and prepare yourself, the faster the move will go, thus reducing the cost of your moving bill. Try to disassemble as much furniture as you can before moving day. Keep all loose parts together in a small plastic bag (such as a sandwich baggie) taped to the item. If you are unable to disassemble any items, leave them for the movers. We carry the necessary tools on our truck to disassemble almost any piece of furniture.

The following is a list of useful materials for packing:

  • Small boxes (1.5 cu. ft.)

  • Medium boxes (3.02 cu. ft.)

  • Large boxes (4.5 cu. ft.)

  • Dish Pack boxes (5.25 cu. ft.)

  • Several rolls of tape, with tape dispenser or tape gun. Avoid using masking tape for sealing boxes.

  • Bubble wrap. You may use instead blankets, sheets, linens or pillows for padding larger fragile items

  • Wrapping paper or also called newsprint

  • Heavy duty trash bags (30-45 gallon bags)

  • Plastic cover for mattress and box spring

  • Heavy duty marking pen

  • Razor knife or box cutter

Begin packing in advance by packing items which you will not need over the next week or two. Pack one room at a time. Be sure to secure the box bottoms with plenty of packing tape. Put heavy items in smaller boxes and lighter items in bigger boxes, and don’t over-stuff. All boxes with breakables must be clearly and legibly marked “Fragile” or “F” on top and two sides of the box. Mark each box with its contents and room designation (i.e: label Living Room as "L/R", Kitchen as "K", Dining Room as "D/R", Master Bedroom as "M/B", Guest Room as "Guest", Kid's Room as "Kids", Garage as "G", Office as "O", etc.). Do not pack items of different rooms in the same box.

Clothing (hanging): We will provide to you, free of charge, the use of 8 pre-constructed wardrobe boxes. These will be provided to you on moving day by one of our movers. We do request that when placing your hanging clothes (only hanging clothes!) in the wardrobe boxes, that you not overload the boxes, as they will tear at the handles.

Clothing (non-hanging): Pack in medium or large-sized boxes, or heavy duty garbage bags. To save you some time, we welcome you to leave your clothes in the drawers of your bureau/dresser. PLEASE REMOVE ALL PERSONAL AND NON-CLOTHING ITEMS FROM THE BUREAU/DRESSER!

Artwork and Mirrors: Upon request, our movers will arrive with special boxes to protect any canvas, mirror or framed artwork. A speedier and less expensive method is to have us handle your items as is. We have a successful system in place that will protect your delicate items. Unless it is a very expensive item we suggest using this faster and less expensive method because you will not need to purchase any moving supplies.

Lamps/Lampshades: Remove lamp shade, light bulb and harp from each lamp. Wrap cord around lamp. If lamp is breakable or valuable, pad with bubble wrap and pack in box. Otherwise, leave as-is. Whenever possible, pack lampshades nested to each other, two or three to a box. Use wrapping paper as protective lining between each shade. You may want to pack the light bulbs and harps in this box as well.

Tables and Furniture with Legs: To expedite your move, you may want to remove all legs from larger tables (dining, kitchen, etc.).

Futons: Your movers will handle your futon as is.

China Cabinets, Armoires and Entertainment Centers: Remove all contents from inside cabinet. Remove any loose shelves and pins; place loose pins in a small plastic bag and tape bag to cabinet interior. Do not lock or tape shut the cabinet doors or drawers. Your movers will take care of it from there.

Chest of Drawers: You can leave your clothes in the drawers of your bureau/dresser. However, PLEASE REMOVE ALL PERSONAL AND NON-CLOTHING ITEMS FROM BUREAU/DRESSER. Vanity mirrors must be removed and properly packed. Your movers are happy to do this for you.

Bookshelves: Remove loose shelves and pins; place loose pins in a small plastic bag and tape bag to bookshelf.

File Cabinets: If file has 4 or more drawers, empty entirely by removing files, loose papers and office supplies into small boxes. If file has 3 drawers or less, you may leave as is. If the drawers do not lock by themselves, use packing tape to tape them shut (do not use masking tape).

Books, CDs, Files, Papers, etc.: Pack in small boxes and mark with room designation.

Computer Desk/Workstation: Disassemble as much as possible. Keep all loose pins and screws in a plastic bag taped to the workstation. Some of these workstations were not designed to be moved/carried as a whole. Your mover will not assume any responsibility for damage caused to your computer desk/workstation if it is not properly disassembled.

Computers: Use original box for packing. If not available and due to the importance of this item, we recommend you move it yourself. Otherwise, the movers will pad the computers with blankets. Don’t forget to remove any disk from the CD-ROM. Please read important note at very end.

Monitor and Printer: Use original box for packing. If not available, we recommend you move it yourself. You can also pack them the following way: Place the monitor or printer in a medium size box with the bottom well sealed with packing tape. Have all 4 sides, top and bottom lined with crumpled paper. With another medium size box, well sealed, telescope into the other, to a tight fit. Tape both boxes together, sealing both boxes together from top to bottom. Mark its contents highly visible. Please read important note at very end.

Television: Disconnect cables and cords. If possible, place it in it's original box. Otherwise, the movers will box up your Plasma and/or LCD in a professional manner. We carry a custom made cotton cover to protect the screen from lint and microscopic scratches. We have a record of zero damage on any flat screen TV's we have moved.

Other Home Electronics (VCR, CD player, Stereo, etc.): Whenever possible, pack these items in their original boxes; otherwise, use bubble wrap to cover each piece, and place in box lined with crumpled paper. Remove any CD’s from CD changer. For stereo set-up, you may want to label your wiring before unplugging for easier re-connection later. Please read important note at very end.

Cords and Cables: Cords and cables on lamps, tv's, monitors, VCRs's, microwaves, etc. should be wrapped or securely taped to the item.

Dishes, China, Cups and Glasses: Line your dish pack box generously with crumpled paper before placing items inside. Pack heavier items first; wrap Dishes and place vertically (not flat!) in a sequence aligned one next to the other; glasses, cups and elongated items must be generously wrapped individually and placed vertically in the box. Placed crumpled paper in between layers, around pocket holes, in between items packed and allow extra space at the top to fill in with crumpled paper, as well as all four vertical sides of the box as you pack it.

Blankets, Linens, Pillows, Cushions: Place in large plastic bags or use for padding and cushioning.

Mattress and Box Spring: Place in plastic covers if possible, or you may request your movers to use their plastic covers. You can also have your movers move them “as is” saving you a couple of bucks. It’s up to you.
Bed Frame: Disassemble and tape pieces together lengthwise. Place screws (if any) in small plastic bag and tape to frame.

Rugs: Be prepared to vacuum rugs once furniture is cleared. Smaller rugs can be rolled up and taped. Your movers will take care of rolling larger rugs.

Plants: Do not water plants 4-5 days prior to your move. Empty excess water from bottom tray. Cover dirty plant containers with plastic bags to avoid staining clothing. Plants may lose some leaves/stems, and tall plants may sustain some damage. We will do everything possible to avoid this, but will not assume responsibility for any damage to plants sustained during transit.

Refrigerator/Freezer: Remove all items from fridge/freezer. Unplug, defrost and dry. Remove glass trays and loose parts and wrap separately. If the refrigerator is oversized, the movers may need to remove the doors from the unit, or from the actual doorways, in order to move the unit.

Washing Machine: Try to complete all of your washing a couple of days before the move. Drain excess water out of the washer; if necessary, take the unit outside to tip and pour out remaining water from water hose. Remove all fittings and hoses, place inside a bag, and place bag in the washing machine. Tape the lid shut. Tip washer once again without fittings and hoses. Tape the power cord to the unit.

Dryer (electric and gas-powered): For a gas dryer, you may want to have someone with plumbing/heating experience remove the fitting from the gas pipe. This is a simple process, but if done incorrectly, may turn out to be a major liability. Disconnect exhaust hose from the back of the dryer and from the wall, place inside a bag, and place bag in dryer. Tape the lid shut, and tape the power cord to the unit.

Barbecue and Grills: Remove all ashes from the barbecue. Place a plastic bag over the grill to cover the grease; otherwise, our moving blankets will become dirty from the grease. Most importantly, movers are not allowed to move propane tanks unless empty. If your barbecue is fueled by a gas tank, please empty the tank or remove the tank from the barbecue. Obviously, you would be responsible for transporting the gas tank if not empty.

Gardening Tools:
Bundle and tie tools together. Remember to clean the tools before transporting, since they may transfer weeds to your new lawn.

IMPORTANT NOTE: In regards to paintings, electronics or computer hardware, your movers will not be held responsible for items improperly packed. If these items are not properly packed in boxes, we will move the framed artwork as it. We will blanket wrap the electronics and computer hardware by using our packing materials and thus we would be responsible for any visible damage which occurs. Please tell us during the initial walk-through, before we actually start the move, how you want these delicate items packed.

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