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  Things you may consider before the movers show up:

Expect a call from us shortly before we arrive. Best if you greet the crew once they arrive - this may speed-up our parking process. If you think it's necessary, please point out to us if you feel the crew has more than one routing option for moving - "loading" or "unloading" (back door entrance, side door, garage entry, etc). If you have pets, please segregate them in your bathroom - place a note on the door. Important, please keep the entry hallway clear of items (it's okay to pile up boxes though). Be prepared to do a walkthrough with our crew, going room by room, to show your belongings - this is a vital for information exchange about your specific moving needs. Point out if any given piece of furniture, requires any special attention or extra TLC while handling - we know that flat screen TV's, electronics and frameless canvases require special attention. Please point out if any given piece is extremely valuable - sentimental or financial. Point out what is not being moved - best to consolidate what is not being moved in separate areas. Our crew will have masking tape of different colors to memorize what goes and does not go, what needs to be unloaded first, etc.

Do not water the plants for a week prior to the move - we are not responsible for limbs, flowers or branches falling apart. Please disconnect "unplug" all the stereo components - you may leave cables & cords next to each device. Remove the CD's & DVD's from the trays. We will wrap your flat screen TV with a custom made flat screen cover - FYI: to date, we have never broken a flat screen Plasma or LCD. We can remove the TV brace (wall mount). Let our crew know if you have an appointment with cable company on moving day - specify the time of your appointment. Best if you can clear the flat surfaces, such as: coffee tables, dining tables, night stands, dressers, desks, etc. Please place away your "coffee mug, eyewear glasses, cell phones, wallet, purse, food, keys, laptops, etc" from our area of work. You may leave your clothing in your dresser drawers unless you feel the dresser is not sturdy enough to hold its weight. Leave your 2 drawer file cabinets full. Your 4 to 5 file cabinets maybe...ask us prior to move date. Leave your bed trunk full. Utilize your luggage as packing gear. Feel free to use blankets, towels and bedding for cushioning breakables into boxes. Stuff crumpled paper in your night stand drawer to avoid shifting of loose delicate items - night stands will eventually be blanket wrapped prior to moving. You may use 30-40 gallon trash bags for plenty - they are cheap and movers love them! Label your fragile boxes with a huge huge "F". Normally, small boxes are meant to pack heavy weight. Don't worry about packing too much weight in a small box. Larger one's aren't meant for books. It is okay not to pack your electronics, lamps and smaller picture frames - we will pack them in our inclusive bins (10 provided). Leave your medium to larger size hanging picture frames on their walls - we have a very secure system of handling them properly & safely.

Do not pack your hanging clothes - we will pack them in our inclusive wardrobes (10 provided). If you have plenty of shoe boxes in your closet, we can easily pack them quickly in our inclusive wardrobes. Our crew will arrive with their own tools. They can take apart any piece of furniture. Move your very own personal belongings including laptops, important medicine, child care needs, pets needs, important documents, jewelry - the obvious. We are not allowed to move hazardous materials such as propane tanks, chemicals, gas tanks, etc. Have refreshments for our crew :) Much more information available on our site under "Reminders" & "Moving Prep".


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