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Golden Bay Relocation LLC has compiled this comprehensive guide of helpful Moving Tips. Some of these tips may seem obvious, or may not apply to your specific move. Please take some time to review this information, as we are sure you will find that some tips will make your move easier.

Reserving a Moving Date:
Book your move ASAP, the further ahead of time the better. We usually book moves 2-3 weeks in advance. Book further in advance for weekends or end of month. Contact Us as soon as possible to ensure you get the date you want.

When you book your move, be prepared to provide the following information:
Addresses of both old and new residences, cross streets of both residences, your work, home and cell telephone numbers, and any intercom/gate codes and apartment numbers, if applicable.

About Parking in San Francisco:
It is your responsibility to provide the crew with a reasonable distance to carry your furniture from the premises to the moving truck, and vice versa. Keep in mind that some streets in San Francisco prohibit double-parking due to congestion or public transportation, such as cable cars. If your street does not allow double-parking, or is normally crowded with parked cars, you may be able to block off parking with your vehicle or a friend's vehicle (3-4 car lengths required). If that isn't possible, you will need to contact S.F.M.T.A to obtain a parking permit. 415.701.2311 or 415.550.2733 or online: SFMTA (we need 4 posted signs ~ $163)

Street Cleaning:
It is not a bad idea to schedule your move during a street cleaning schedule.

Is a Certificate of Liability Insurance (C.O.I), required by your H.O.A or building management?
If so, it is your responsibility to provide us with the necessary information required to generate the Certificate. Failure to do so in a timely manner may impact your move. Contact our office for more details about what information you'll need. It typically takes 3 business days to generate the Certificate so please plan accordingly.We charge $20 for the first C.O.I ($10 for the 2nd certificate).

Check Your Building Rules and Regulations Regarding Move-In/ Move-Out:
Speak with your Landlord or Building manager to find out about any building rules your movers need to follow on Moving day. Do you need to reserve the elevator with management? Is there a specific time frame allowed for your "Move-In" or "Move-Out"? Is masonite required for floor protection? Some managers will provide a key that works the elevator. This is extremely important and will expedite your move. Try to obtain such a key if this applies to your move.

Re-Evaluate Your Household Goods:
Determine in advance whether all of your belongings and furniture are going to your new residence, or if it's time to downsize. You can get rid of unwanted household items by having a garage sale, or by donating to a local charitable institution. For donations, please check our list of Bay Area Charities. Keep in mind that the less items you have, the more you save on the moving bill.

Chemicals, Explosives & Hazardous Waste Materials:
Moving companies are not allowed to transport hazardous items. Therefore, it is your responsibility to dispose of or relocate them. We will transport empty propane tanks from your barbecue (as long as they are completely empty). You may also call your local household hazardous waste facility listed in the phone book under the government pages. To schedule a free home pick-up, call (800) 449-7587 or for more info about this subject call (415) 554-4333.

Recruit Help on Moving Day:
Golden Bay Relocation is a friendly company which welcomes your friends and family to expedite your move and make it more cost effective The only issue we want to emphasize is that due to liability circumstances, we do not allow any person other than the crew onto the moving truck.

Children and Pets:
To be able to expedite your move, we recommend that you arrange for proper childcare. With respect to your pets, they are better off segregated from the movers. Since it's moving day, the entrance to your residence will be kept open, thus allowing your four-legged friends to roam the neighborhood. You may want to temporarily place your pet in the bathroom. However, if you do so, please place a sign on the outside of the door stating so. For more information about moving with children and/or moving with pets check out our Moving Tips section.

Clean up all outstanding accounts. Disconnect or transfer utilities if necessary. Pay off any debts and collect from those who owe you. To help you with this transition, look at our Helpful Reminders section.

Directions and Maps:
Although Golden Bay Relocation carries every single map of the Greater Bay Area, it will not hurt to provide us with written directions and/or a diagram of your new residence. You can obtain detailed driving directions by visiting

Keep Yourself Accessible on Moving Day:
Be sure your mover is able to reach you at all times on moving day, at either your old or new residence. If your cellular telephone number was provided to us, please be sure to have your phone turned on, near you, with sufficient battery supply. We will normally give our customer a call if we are running late beyond 15 minutes. If you did not provide us with a cellular telephone number, please be sure that your home telephone is connected and still operating on moving day. If your home telephone happens to be disconnected, and if you happen to live in a building with an intercom system, be aware that your intercom may not work since this is usually connected to your telephone line.

Set Aside the Following:
Legal, medical and insurance documents, laptops, new and old keys, checkbook, cash, medicine, jewelry, items of small size that are of exceptional value (either sentimental or monetary). You might also want to have a set of comfortable clothing for after the move, along with toiletries, cosmetics, toothbrush and water.

When the Movers Arrive:
Have the door and gate propped open, otherwise your movers will take care of it. Be sure to have the hallways free and clear of boxes and debris. This makes it easier for the movers to start. Be ready to complete and sign the contract. Don't get nervous and do not sign anything unless it seems clear to you. Ask as many questions as you wish. Your mover will provide to you free of charge a booklet called "Important Information For Persons Moving Household Goods (within California)". This booklet informs you about your moving rights. We recommend you read this booklet in case something goes wrong with your move. Keep your contract, the booklet and our business card with you at all times during the move. Be prepared to give us a tour of your home to show us everything that is being moved to the new location (including lawn furniture, plants, bicycles and stored items in basement/garage or hidden closets), and what is not. If possible, set aside those items which are not being moved, or mark them with a sign. It is also very important that you advise your movers of any delicate piece of furniture, or items of high sentimental or monetary value, or of special care required for the premises (new carpet, newly painted walls or refinished hardwood floors, etc.) Your movers will be able to give some extra attention to these special items. Keep the vacuum aside and readily available to clean the wall-to-wall carpet or rugs as we empty out your residence.

Last Check:
Take one last look around. Locate the keys to the new residence. Turn off the furnace and lights. Close and lock doors. Take a last minute tour of your place, including closets and closed off areas, back yard and basement/garage for forgotten items. Arrange for dropping off/picking up keys with landlord or agent if necessary.

Forms of Payment:
Payment is due in full once your move is completed. We require cash or check as payment. If you decide to tip the movers, it will be best if you tip by cash, otherwise you may add it to the check. No Billing. Moves far away from San Francisco and/or moves to a storage facility will require "cash" as the only form of payment.

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