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Golden Bay Relocation LLC is a full service local moving company serving the Greater San Francisco Bay Area since 1992.

Golden Bay Relocation LLC is a full-service local moving company providing residential and commercial moves in the Bay Area since 1992.

We’re fully licensed and insured and know the Bay Area and what it takes to move in this area better than just about anyone… We understand that the experience of moving can be a very stressful event in a person’s life. With our staff of dependable, reliable, courteous and professional movers, we will provide a service designed to make your move low-cost and as stress-free as possible.

Golden Bay Relocation LLC provides a wide range of services such as: Local & Long distance moves within California; Packing & Unpacking services; Loading & Unloading of rental trucks, PODS or Trailers; and Delivery of packing materials to customers who use our moving services. The very best way to ensure a successful and professional move is the actual crew that shows up at your door.

If the crew knows what they are doing and they care about their work, their reputation, and are supplied with the proper gear & moving equipment, the chances of a major disappointment are diminished… leaving for little room for a dissatisfied customer (You). Our professional movers advanced “hands-on” moving experience (currently anywhere between 7-19 years per employee), in addition to the long lasting good reputation of our company are the two main reasons why people choose us over other movers in the Bay Area.

By that same token, we want your return business in the future, and your glowing referrals as well. This is our business’s “life’s blood” and we count on our satisfied customers to help grow our business. This is where we stand out from the rest – and choosing Golden Bay Relocation & Moving has proved a well founded decision for thousands of satisfied customers for over 25 years!

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Please take a closer look at the services we offer. When you are finished viewing our site, if you have any questions, or if you are interested in reserving a moving date, please call us at 415.668.9562 or e-mail us at vanessa@goldenbayrelocation.com


Local moving

If you are looking for someone to be your helping hand once moving locally, look no further!
We have been in business since 1992. Due to the time spent in the moving industry we managed to develop a tradition and quite a track of satisfied customers. You might feel that mere typing of local movers near me is the best way to find the best company, but we can prove that you will not regret choosing us as your professional movers of choice.
From the first call with our Relocation specialist to the move day, you will be greeted and treated professionally and with care.
Since we value transparency above everything, there are no hidden charges or fees.
We can provide you with Packing Service, and free of charge we provide a service of disassembling and reassembling furniture. In addition, we will wrap everything with plastic wrap and moving blankets in order to secure maximum protection.
In our prices, sales tax is included as well, so there won’t be any surprise fees.
So, if you wish for professional furniture movers near you, we are here for you.

Commercial moves

Moving your business represents one of the most stressful times when running a business. We are here to take care of your business as if it was ours.
When dealing with office and commercial moves in general, there is a lot of red tape involved. Our Customer Care team will be there to assist you with dealing with all necessary paperwork in a timely manner.
No matter if your building has certain moving requirements or you simply require a COI (Certificate of Insurance), we can assist with all of that.
In addition, if you would like us to pack your smaller items, we will gladly do so.
We can bring our own packing materials, or if you have your own, we are completely fine with that. We are your budget movers, since we understand that moving puts a strain on everyone’s budget, we try our best to provide the best possible stellar service while still being affordable.
Also, we will make sure your items are folded and packed meticulously.
So, if you are interested in hiring the best movers in San Francisco, we are a phone call away.

Residential moves

Moving residential is no longer a nightmare!
Not only can we move you safely but we can Pack you as well.
Starting from smaller items to the bulky furniture pieces, we do it all.
We offer FREE disassembling service at the pick up location. There, we will also wrap and protect your items with plastic wrap and moving blankets in order to ensure the best protection for your belongings.
Your items will be well secured in our well-maintained and daily-checked trucks, so you do not have to worry about transport as well.
At the delivery location our movers will assemble furniture pieces for you as well.
Not only that, but they will also position your items to your preference.
So if you are in need of professional movers for your residential move, we can be your helping hand.

Apartment moving

When you are moving from an apartment, you need to be aware of some basic things that need to be checked prior to the move. Luckily, if you choose us as your movers of choice, you will have our Customer Care department at your reach every day of the week to guide you through the process.
One of the main things to check is if your building has any time restrictions for movers. In the San Francisco Area, some high-rise buildings have restrictions where movers can only move from 9am till 5pm. So you will need to check with your HOA about this.
Secondly, if movers should use elevators in order to move your items, you will need to check if the building has slots that need to be reserved in order for us to move you.
In addition, there is a bit of paperwork needed for some buildings. Sometimes, they require Certificate of Insurance that we can definitely provide free of charge. Also, sometimes building has requirements in regards to placing masonite plates in the elevators. We can provide this as well, just make sure to notify your Customer Relocation agent.
Regarding your items, we can offer you Packing service and all you will need to do is sit back and relax. We will disassemble the furniture and assemble it at the delivery location.
So, for a full service move that causes you no headache, we are here to help you.

Labor moving

If you are thinking about hiring local movers in San Francisco to help you with labor moves, we are here to lend you a helping hand.
No matter if you need help with unloading your trailer, POD, UHaul or a truck we can definitely do that for you. We will come with dollies to speed up the process and with appropriate tools if we need to assemble something back.
However, if you are in need of labor service of loading we can do that as well. Not only will we stack everything neatly we can also offer you the Packing Service,
Our movers can pack smaller items into boxes. Also movers will disassemble your furniture and wrap it in plastic wrap.
One friendly tip- if you are moving items from one part of the country to another, purchase blankets to ensure maximum protection for your items.
Finally if you need us to move you from one building to another, we can definitely do that as well.
Also, if you need us to move you within a building that is fine as well. We will bring tools and dollies to speed things up for you.
Provided that you need us to help you with simple rearrangement of some furniture within your home, we will do that as well.
So, in a nutshell, no matter what kind of labor service you need, we are here to help you.

Storage In and Out

We are proud to say that during these 20+ in business we managed to master all kinds of moving services. When it comes to storage moves, we divide them in 2 types:

1) Moving In a Storage
2) Moving Out of a Storage

When it comes to the first one, moving In a Storage, there are a couple of things you need to be aware of.
Firstly, do not put any flammables or valuables inside a storage locker for a long part, or if possible, at all.
Secondly, make sure you are choosing a climate controlled storage if there are items that need special care.
Thirdly, we can make sure that your items are protected with plastic wrap and you can purchase blankets if you wish additional protection.
In addition, we will stack your items properly so as to utilize the space given in the storage locker to the maximum.
Also, if you wish we can pack your smaller items beforehand and disassemble furniture as well.

Now, when it comes to Moving Out of a Storage, things are a bit more simple.
If you had a local professional movers to move you in the storage unit, items are protected properly and stacked in a manner that it is easy for us to move them out.
We will bring dollies and make sure to safely remove your items from the storage. At your delivery location, we will make sure to position furniture to your preference in no time.

Packing Service

Why waste time on such a tedious task as packing your smaller items around the house?
No matter if you are moving from a house, apartment, or if you are moving an office, packing is no small feat.
It always takes more time than you expect and all of a sudden you realise you own a lot more than you are aware of.
So, if you want professional packers to help you with this – look no further!
We are here to pack your smaller items, clothes, linen and so on, we can do that for you!
When it comes to the packing material, there are several options.
We can bring our own and charge per item used.
Secondly, you can order boxes online or purchase them from Home Depot and we can pack you using it,
Third option is for you to get some boxes and we can bring some as well, just in case.
With the third option, you might save some money while we are still able to swiftly help you with packing.
Having in mind that we are in business for over two decades, our packers are well-trained and experienced in their field of work.
So, why waste time while you can let professional movers help you with this?

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